Date extraction from .csv files

Hey Community…
I try to import timestamped sensor data and have a problem with importing the timestamp itself.
Changing it manually seems a lot of work (90 files, 100.000 rows per file, timestamp in column 1). The format I’m trying to import is:
07/07/18 11:12:10.725 which is MM/DD/YY HH:mm:ss.SSS in Matlab. How do I get this timestamp imported into KNIME? Thank you very much!!

Hi @Patrick_Guth -

The String to Date&Time node with the following settings should do it:


Oh yes, thank you very much. The timestamps are defined differently in KNIME and it took this module for me to find out how to define date and time: MM/dd/uu kk:mm:ss.SSS
Thank you very much!!

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