Date format issue with XLS Reader

Hi guys,

is there some way of forcing the XLS Reader node to apply (or mantain) a specific Date format for date columns? 

In my workflows I just noticed that the node arbitrarily change values from "dd/MM/yyyy" (Date-Formatted field) in the excel file, to a "MM/dd/yyyy" String column. 

This is obviously causing me some headache on the Database side where I have to store the values merged with other ones inserted by the users, where the format is the one I want.



That is always the risk when handling dates as strings. I would suggest to convert your dates from a string to a date/time data type using the String to Date/Time node. That should ensure they are handled correctly in KNIME and also written properly to the database. Plus you gain the possibility to do Date/Time calculations with them.


I have same problem. In original Excel column formatted with the words. Excel reader load columns as string. String to date is not able to recognize it. At the same time Date Extract node do a better job but not keepping rowID to join column back to table. Could we expect String to date do a better job?

Also, Excel Tab Writer has a bug. If you never saved the tab by specifying full path the node will not except a path from variable.

what's the format of the dates you are having trouble with? I generally have found the Sring to Date/Time node is very  capable of parsing string dates