Date Formatting

I have a file that I upload into Knime:

However, this is how Knime reads it.

Is there a way to get Knime from changing the formatting?

Hello @CarishmaM,

I guess you read it into KNIME as Local Date Time column type and then used Date&Time to String node to obtain above format or? And what kind of format you want?

Note: When working with date (and time) information it’s best to keep it in Local Date (Time) column type so you can utilize Date&Time nodes (e.g. Date&Time Difference node) and prior to export/visualization convert it to string format you want/need.



Hi @CarishmaM , I am assuming you are opening an Excel file, is that correct? If you are reading a csv or a text file, Knime would read it as it is. For Excel content, Excel may display something that’s not necessarily how the data is stored.

For example, you can store a datatime value in excel (meaning date + time), but if you set the column as a date column, Excel will display only the date part, but the time part is still part of the data, but not displayed.

If there is time info in the data, Knime would show the time. You can always force the node to use a certain column type, in your case it looks like you want a date type instead of a datetime type, or you can always convert the data from datetime to date.


and if you don’t like the display in the output table for columns (in general % figures,…) you can take a look at the render options to display them differently

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