date generation

I need to auto generate date using the time generation node in the format yyyy/mm from say jan 2012 - nov 2016 . How can I do so?

Although creating a table manually with required strings and converting to a date is posssible, it would be better to have an automated solution. The number of rows option is throwing me off ....














so in this case you would need 59 rows. But this doesn't help, I suppose.

I see two problems. The first I cannot solve: The generator generates unique intervals between the timestamps, however the distance between two month are not always the same.

The second problem is the calculation of the rows. You  can actually also do this with KNIME. The only problem is, you need to enter the dates twice. I will attach you a workflow.


The workflow calculates the difference between the two dates in months and uses this as the new rownumber.


Hope this helps, Iris

thanks Iris. Much apprciated. Hope this becomes a feature in the time series nodes.

I had to do something like this myself recently. 

Another method is to oversample on the Time Generator, Extract the Date Fields, and then groupby year and month taking the mean date and converting that to a string as in Iris's example.