Date Handling - Day of the week


I would like to get the average of a measure depending on the day of the week (monday, tuesday,...) and yhis for a dedicated period.

I am able to retrieve the day of the week corresponding to an event , but I am not able to know the number of Mondays , Tuesdays,.... in the period  (e.g month) and thus the results I get are not relevant.

Has anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance


You could group by the weekday and apply a count aggregation. Then you get the corresponding numbers. If you want the mean you can also directly calculate the mean in the group by node.

Hi Tor

thanks for your answer but the only information I have is the number of events by category for a dedicated month for each day of the week but the average I am looking for depends on the number of  mondays,tuesday, this month.



Hi loys,

To know the number of mondays, tuesdays... on a specific month you could use the "Time Generator" node, configure it to the specific time window you have in your data and then use  and connect "Date Field Extractor" node to extract the weekday.

Grouping the result by weekday-column generated and counting the aggregation you would know the number of mondays, tuesdays... in your data time window.





Hi Miguel

Thanks for your reply ; I have tried it and it works.