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I’m working on a data set extracted from one of the ECM software. Date is really messed up and appearing as - “Thu Sep 30 14:36:20 EDT 2021” for example. How can I convert this into yyyy-mm-dd format in Knime?

I would appreciate any suggestions or insights on this.

Thank you

Hi @rohinipe,

this worked for me despite the warning. This also assumes it’s always ‘EDT’.


The date string is:

E MMM dd HH:mm:ss 'EDT' yyyy



Hi @rohinipe . Welcome to the KNIME forum

Extending the reply from @bobpeers , with the Locale set to en-US, the Date format mask
E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy
would handle the EDT timezone (and other US timezone) entries

or if timezone is optional, you could use the following “optional” masks, with an additional optional space

E MMM d HH:mm:ss [zzz][ ]yyyy


[edit: and I should have added that of course to just return date, you would set “New type” field to Date just as @bobpeers did, and you get the warning, about the time component, that you can safely ignore

You now have a DATE data type column, but to then return that date that you now have, as a String in a specific date format you could then add a further Date&TIme to String node, specifying the output format you require. ]


Thank you for help @bobpeers @takbb
this solved the issue


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