Date Manipulations

Hello there,
i need your help in the following
i need a node to generate system date (Probably the date & time input node) then substract 1 day from it then filter all the days that are below or equal (system date -1 day)

can any one please help

There is no single node that will do this. The steps Iā€™d take are

  • use the Date&Time Input node (with the Use execution time option selected)
  • Convert this variable to Date&Time
  • Use Date&Time Shift node to subtract 1 day
  • Convert the shifted date to a flow variable
  • Apply this flow variable as end date in Date&Time-based Row Filter node.



@mh_elhassan - You can use the Create Date&Time Range node to generate the system execution date and time followed by a Date&Time shift node to 1 day from it.

Then you can do the filtering using rule-based row filter or date&time based row filter.



I have just found how we can use the variable to table row. thanks a lot. I believe this will work. thanks a lot wonderful community

thanks dear. it is much appreciated

Hey @elsamuel, i tried it but i got stuck in in the string to date node. I tried this format dd.MM.yy HH:mm:ss, but it didnt work. i tried also M/d/yyyy with choosing date only and it did not work either. any hints please?

@elsamuel i choose date only in the date & Time input node, and i was able to transform the date. However, for future needs, if i need to convert date & time from string to date, what is the right format because i tried many and none worked

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