Date Quickform Node Issue


I am using the Date Quickform node inside a metanode.

When I choose configure, the Date box insists on having the Time as well. Is there no way to force this to accept the Date ONLY.

I can not understand why Time is a requirement, I cannot imagine most users would want something so precise, it even forces time to a 1/1000th of a second!!



Hi Simon,

The Date Quickform node really comes into its own when used with the webportal - where you get the nice calendar button that pops-up an interactive calendar to choose the date (no time - from memory this defaults to midnight).  I guess this was where the main use was imagined when the node was developed(?)

I agree that asking users to type in the time to the closest 1/1000th of a second(!) - particularly in a 'Date' node is a bit clumsy - I wonder if a similar calendar browser could be embedded into the node interface within KNIME desktop (maybe defaulting to 'today' when the node is first set)?


Kind regards


Hi James,

i agree it's main utility is in the web portal but unfortunately we are encountering issues with some in house nodes working through the web portal in terms of authentication issues so am trying to do the next best thing by simplifying everything into a configurable meta node dialog box.

having a calendar browser in the metanode dialog box would be the perfect solution! And defaulting to today would be great. Would look much tidier.


Hi Guys, 

Good feedback as always, it is captured in our system.