Date&Time-based row filter and flow variables


due to warning “deprecated” I changed “Table row to variable” node to newer one.

Now part of my workflow is as follows:

But now the flow variables are not recognized by Date&Time-based row filter.

I found in KNIME Hub the example “04_Filter_TimeSeries_Data_Using_FlowVariables” which still uses the deprecated one. But in current version 4.3.1 the deprecated node isn’t available anymore (from node repository).

Any help appreciated!

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Hi ReWi, could you please put the flow as an example here? I’m not sure why you uses the String to Date&Time node… is it because your data comes the data as string? in that case try only to use as date&time type, would be great if you show how are you using the flow variables.

bless ya!

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I tried to create a sample for the forum and found the fix by myself:

Maybe I misinterpret some error message, but I had to convert a date column in the input table. Now filtering with my generated flow variables works again as expcted.



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