Date&Time based row filter

I have a data set where I have a separate column where time is in the format of HH:mm. I would like to use a date&time based row filter to filter my data from 20:00-06:00. Basically I would like to have all the data that occurs at night. Is there a way to use the filter that it excludes the range that I have selected? At the moment it doesn’t agree to having a start time after the end time.

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Hi @TMentink,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! To solve your problem you can “reverse” your filter by first keeping the nightly data only using the filter as you do now, then you can use a Reference Row Filter to choose everything in the original table that is not in the filtered table.
Does that help?
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That’s absolutely perfect! Thanks very much. I just started using KNIME last week so often I miss some fundamental nodes that can be used.


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