date/time column time difference

i have a file with 2 columns, strings, format 2-Nov-09.

columns imported straight from excel csv where they are recognized as dates.

i would like to use the time difference node to calculate the time difference between the 2 columns, but knime does not recognize the values as dates.

also not with the sting to date/time node. that node reaches maximum number of fails - "date format incorrect ?". I have tried different time formats, but it does not help.


It sounds like you are doing the right thing. The string to date/time node is the best way to convert your date string to date time cells.

 Have you tried the pattern dd-MMM-yy? This should convert the date string you have specified.


hi Dominik,

thanks for your help! this solved the problem.

what happened was this: the pull down in the node had only dd-MM-yy available.

looking at your answer i realized that i could actually type something in the box [ = i interpreted the drop down menu as a restricted choice list]. all i had to do was to type in the extra "M"...

thanks again!


i have a question about Date&Time Difference node. I have to calculate the difference between one date and 10 other, so i would like to fix the first an then (i uesed a loop) calculate the difference. It doesn’t work. Can somebody explain me how to use this node in that circumstance?

Hi @Benedetta,

Would you please create a new topic for your question? Then I’m sure you’ll get the answer shortly.


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Hello @Benedetta,

there is fixed date&time option you should use but as @armingrudd suggested please open up a new topic :slight_smile:


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