Date&Time Manipulation

Good morning people, everything fine ?

I’m having trouble performing a filter based on the date and this is because I can’t transform a string into a date and time format. I’m going to send some photos below and I hope they can help me.

Hi @Gabriel2020

It looks like your DateFormat should be: MM/dd/yyyy
gr. Hans

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Good morning Hands, how are you?

The error keeps giving the same.

Hi @Gabriel2020

Did you check Row: Row456_Row161 there maybe some data the Format node doesn’t understand. Some special characters or otherwise…?

gr. Hans

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I checked and apparently the only change would be that it goes from month 3 to month 2, I think maybe with the no sorter I should solve it


Did not work. Do you know any way for him to identify what the year, month and day would be and then I can organize it. I create these columns.

Hi @Gabriel2020 ,
if take the specific row in account you can identify format which is dd/MM/yyyy.


Thanks guys, I managed to solve it. I needed to change to yyyy-MM-dd Format using string manipulation


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