Date Time Versus Date Time Difference

I am new to Knime and would like help with a Time Difference calculation issue. I need to build flags based on time differences - days, months, etc. I am using one set of dates from a file and using String to Date/Time to convert to dd.MM.yyyy format. I am using a Constant Value Column to add the month end date as Date and Time in the dd.MM.yyyy format. I don't see anywhere that I can add simply as dates even though the format does not show any time. So when I calculate the Time Difference for Months between 31.10.2017 and 01.05.2017 I get a value of 7, but get a 6 for 02.05.2017. (-6/-5) for switching the date order. I think this is because Knime is still using date time versus date. Is that correct? If so, is there a way to set the node to only see date and not date time?

Thanks. Bill

Hi Bill,

not sure whether I fully understand the problem but the "Extract Date&Time Fields" node should be helpful in parsing date/time columns for specific date fields/elements.


Hi william.andersen, 

You can use a Modify Time node to remove the time from Date&Time columns. In case you're using the old Date&Time data type you can use a Legacy Date&Time to Date&Time node to convert it to the new type.