Date&Time Widget output When Date mode is selected results in wrong result

Hello, I’m a newcomer to this forum and I have a limited experience using Knime.
I use Date&Time Widget so the users can query a mysql DB. The columns (Initial_Date, Final_Date) in the DB are defined as Local Date Time, but the time part is always 00:00:00.
I want to see only the rows where Initial_Date<=Widget_Date AND Widget_Date<Final_Date. so I use a Rule Based Row Filter.
If I setup date&time mode in the widget and the entered time is 00:00:00 the results of the query are correct but I’d like to setup date mode in the widget because the time part is not used. But if I do so the rows where Initial_Date=Widget_Date are lost.

Hi @frang0nve

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I hope I assumed all formats and your request correctly. Can you use the String Manipulation (Variable) node between the widget and the filter and run this command in it?
join($${Sdate-input}$$, "T00:00:00")

That will append the time to all dates chosen and should work in the Rule-based Row Filter.



Thanks for your help…

Yes. It works now.



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