Date Utc and Local Time

Hello everyone

when I read DateTime Variable Knime systematically convert in Utc.

My Office being at marseilles, we are now 2 hours more in Local Time.

So Knime substract 2 hours from date.

Or in our Tables DateTime are already in UTC.

There is no reason to ptroceed like that.

How can I do to avoid this problem?

Thanks for your Help




from where do you read the datetime variable into knime?

We are aware of this problem and have it on our feature list.

As a work around, you can use the date/time shift node and just manually add the hours back on.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Best, Iris 

Thank you

but what is the Date/Time shift Node.

I never succeed to add hours to a variable DateTime.

Is it the Preset date Time.


Thanks for Help

Here is the description of the node:

you can find it in the time series category of the KNIME Analytics Plattform.