Dates value not passed to Snowflake Table


We have a workflow running successfully on KNIME desktop where date values are correctly written into the target Snowflake table. However when deploying to the server the dates are no more there in the Snowflake table.

Any idea what is triggering this ?


Hi David,

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I have some questions that you might considering to check regarding your issue:

  1. Are there other columns written correctly in the snowflake table or doesn’t write the workflow data at all?
  2. Since the KNIME desktop and the server use the same java code: is the db driver installed equally and with the same driver name on the Analytics Platform and the server? Do you use the same jdbc driver version? Does the server reach the snowflake database at all?

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  1. All the rest of the workflow works , just date columns are affected
  2. The server does reach the snowflake database as all other fields are correctly populated. I need to obtain the details of the driver versions.

If it works on the KNIME Analytics Platform (AP, desktop) and not on the server it has to be a configuration or version conflict. Please check, if the KNIME executor has the same version number as the Analytics Platform you are using and that the database driver are equal configured and you use the same jdbc driver.

Is the OS type of the AP and the server the same? (linux, windows, mac?)

Do you run the server in the cloud or on premises?