Datetime to Date? (not using the legacy node "Mask Date/Time (legacy)")

Does anyone know any not legacy alternative to the node “Mask Date/Time (legacy)”? Are there plans to make a new version of the legacy node “Mask Date/Time (legacy)”? I found a workaround using Column Expression, but is not very straight forward to transform a Datetime to a Date type.

Isn’t another way (not legacy) to transform “Datetime” to “Date”?

Details of my work around using Column Expression

I’m currently using a Column expression node with a formula to transform a DateTime to a Date (similar issue is reported in [date-column-from-sql-database-10656] but with string to date). The formula I’m using is:

isMissing(column("DateA"))? missingValue(): date(substr(column("DateA"),0 ,10 ))

It seems not very straight forward. Additionally I believe it is also not very efficient, as the “DateA” is already datetime type, but it seems that under the hook it is transformed to a string before passing it to “substr()” using the format “2018-01-01T00:00:00.0” (Unless the datetime were stored as strings internally in Knime).

Hi @andres_sommerh -

Give the Modify Time node a try.


Thank you @ScottF! It worked fine!


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