DB CREATE/DROP Index nodes

I was looking at nodes for creating / dropping DB indices and realised there aren’t any. I then thought that maybe I should write them, but when I looked in the interfaces defining the SQL Dialects:


I realised that the relevant operations are not defined (presumably they would fit most naturally in DataDefinitionLanguage alongside the CREATE/DROP/REPLACE table operations) and so any node I wrote would have to generate the SQL itself which would probably work but not allow for the convenient mechanisms currently used in the DB Plugins for specific database variants/dialects)

Therefore this is a feature request add the relevant methods to the DataDefinitionLanguage interface and implementations (and possibly add the nodes too :slight_smile: )


Hi @s.roughley,

Your feature request has been noted and a new ticket has been created. Ticket id is “AP-20184”.


Thanks @aliasghar_marvi


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