DB Join no longer working

I had a DB join set up for two tables and it was working perfectly, then all the sudden when I added another node and reset everything to run again the join is returning a blank table. Any ideas? The join parameters are date and a numeric identifier that is common between the two tables. Thank you

Hi @rossmc - welcome to the forum

Can you give a little more detail about your problem? What node did you add, and where? An example workflow would be best, but if you’re dealing with confidential data, even screenshots would help.


Hi there,

Sorry yes this is confidential data. I wanted to add an additional join for another table, that was the new node that I added. When I check the cached data before the problematic join the data is all there, so I know is making it to that node, and then it fails. I’ve tried deleting the node, restarting the program, reordering them, multiple little troubleshoots like that and nothing works.

Here is a screenshot of the current workflow, I’ve erased the titles as they’re a bit confidential, all of the DB connections are to an Oracle DB

Hi @rossmc -

Puzzling. What version of KNIME are you using, and on what OS? Also, are you still able to execute any joins at all on your Oracle database in either this or other workflows? Or is it only this single node that is failing?

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