DB Loader error with BigQuery (user account)

I use the generic DB Connector and Simba JDBC driver to connect to BigQuery with my Google user account:

I am able to read data from BigQuery with DB Query Reader. However, I keep getting an error when loading data via the DB Loader:
Execute failed: BigQuery project information is not available.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

(There is no issue with a server account and the Google BigQuery Connector.)

Hello @weimath,

you get this error message for every table?

(Just a note that there is dedicated node for BigQuery connection - Google BigQuery Connector)


Hi Ivan,

Yes, the error persists. I tried different GCP projects and BigQuery tables.
There is no issue when using the dedicated BigQuery Connector with a Service account via the Google Authentication (API Key) node.
Unfortunately, the dedicated BigQuery Connector does not support end-user authentication. In this case, I have to use my user account.

The JDBC URI used in my generic DB connector:
The error only occurs when loading data from KNIME to BigQuery.


Hello @weimath,

I see. And if using DB Insert or DB Writer do you encounter same issue or only with DB Loader?


DB Insert and DB Writer don’t have the same issue. Unfortunately, they are too slow when working with BigQuery.