DB Looping Component

@tobias.koetter, I’d like to share 2 findings about component.

  1. It eliminates duplicates
  2. It requires legacy date/time format as new one has ‘T’ in time portion or eliminate time portion what Parameterized DB Query Reader does not.

Hi @izaychik63

can you add a link to the component you need help with?
Thank you! Iris

Here we go

why should eliminating duplicates values for the “in” part of the query statement be a problem? The component also quotes all values in the in statement which depending on the database might cause a problem. However you can download the component and adapt it to your needs if necessary.

Thank you @tobias.koetter. I still consider to bring back original component will provide a value. Specifically the speed and simplicity.

I agree and it is on our list. Unfortunately the list is pretty long. But it will not be forgotten.


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