DB Looping With Multiple Columns

I need to use the multiple key columns to check in DB in loop. Both DB and the data table is huge. Below is my scenario please help me soon.

Data Table with id, student_name, college_name and other fields. Now, need to check in DB table where student_name = db.student_name AND college_name = db.college_name.

Thanks in advance.

@Prashant278, it is not clear from your description, how do you plan to use your data interactively or in batch. For interactive requests KNIME is pretty slow on big tables. If you need just get subset of huge DB base on the big table, the best solution will be to store big table in DB as temp table and join temp table with huge table using, say, DB Reader. In case you do not have permissions to write to huge DB, all solutions will be pretty slow.
You can use Parametrized DB Query Reader with 2 parameters.

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