DB operations on Teradata using Knime nodes

Hi All,

I am new to Knime and trying to perform few Teradata db operations using Knime node. Currently, we are executing the sql queries using bteq and fastload, invoking those from shell scripts. 

Can any one please help me with how can we achieve this in Knime with a simple example if possible. Can I read/execute the .sql files directly in the Database Reader or Database query node? In other words, Is there any provision to read the .sql file directly as input or into the statement section in configuration of Database Reader/Query node?

Also, when I am placing multiple queries in the statement section and executing the node, I am getting "Only an ET or null statement is legal after a DDL Statement" exception. I tried by encapsulating the query with BT and ET, still I am getting the same error. Is there anything I am missing here?!

Your quick help is highly appreciated.

Many Thanks!


please find attached an example workflow that reads a SQL file with several statements that are executed in KNIME. The last statement is a query statement which is why I used the Database Reader node for execution. You could also loop over the different statements and execute them one by one using the Database SQL Executor node. Both ways are demoed in the attached workflow.