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We have implemented Knime server recently. The Knime server connects to various databases (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL etc.) and brings data from various databases (around 8 - 10) and from 40 - 50 tables having only read access and writes it to our dedicated database where we have read-write permission. This happens during mid-night for the T-1 data on daily basis.

Once the data is brought to our database, there are around 60 reports which gets executed and then the reports are generated. These reports will be sent over email to various individuals in the organization. All this is happening as of today without any manual intervention.

As per our organization policy, we have to change the password every couple of months. As part of that, we have to change the DB passwords as well.

Problem statement:
The various DB connectors are used in these 50 - 70 workflows and if we change the DB password for the user, we have to go and change password in all these workflows as well. We want to know if there is an efficient and error free way to manage this so if we change the passwords at DB, with minimum changes, we can ensure that passwords across all the workflows are changed.

Any suggestions in this are welcome. In case any more info is needed from my end, please feel free to ask and happy to provide the same.

@kamtaot you could try and wrap the database connection into a component and share this also using credentials.

You might have to see how to handle the security of your passwords. The KNIME server has the option to take a credential/password from the user login. Also for executions. Kerberos might be an option.


Thank you @mlauber71, we created the component and now testing it. Looks like it is working.

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