DB Query Reader Error

Hi, When I calling a database query via DB Query Reader, I get an error “The statement did not return a result set”. Has anyone had such a problem? What could it be?

Welcome to Knime forum. The message you’ve got is a warning not an error. It is possible that query return no result. If this is not expected, please provide more details.

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It’s error. The same code called in SQL Sever Management Studio works correctly, and after pasting to the Query Reader in Knime it throws out the error. So far, I have had no problem with that.

Hello @WojK,

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You get this error upon execution? Can you share query? If I got it right you do this on a regular basis (copying queries from SQL Sever Management Studio to KNIME) and worked fine till this one?



Yes, it is execute regulary and I only had such an error once

@WojK it is very difficult to tell what is going on without further details:

  • what kind of system and database are we talking about
  • could you provide a log file set to DEBUG to
  • if possible could you provide a minimal example of your workflow reproducing the error
  • which code did you execute on what kind of data (types)
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