DB Reader presents different results from same group by

I attached two DB Reader Nodes to the same DB GroupBy and I am getting different results in each reader. In the attached image the sums and average in the Node Monitor image on the right are correct based on a manual calculation in Excel and the ones on the left are not. The two readers are there as I am trying to track down incorrect calculations down stream and this seems like a good starting point. Any thoughts why this might be occuring and how I can fix this? This occured after a reset and rerun from scratch and there is nothing set in flow variables in the Group By.

When I reset the first reader node and reran it both reader nodes presented the same results. My issue is that to original results in the original run was not correct.

Could you tell us more about the database? Is it possible that the underlying data tables have changed between when you ran one DB Reader and then the next?

I don’t think so but let me investigate. If that is the only scenarion I will need to check and see if things are actually running in the sequence I think they are. Let me get back to you on what I find.

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