DB Row Filter implementation of flow variable

Hi there,
I’m currently struggling with an supposedly “easy” task: I want to filter my database column by a string flow variable with the DB Row Filter Node. The column I want to filter was initially transferred from varchar to string by a DB Table selector node. Now I can not manage to implement the filtering. Do I have to change any settings in “flow variables” ?
Thank you very much for your support!

Not sure if this is exactly what you’re trying to do, but maybe a workflow and settings like this will help? The String Configuration node is generating the flow variable MyField that is used to do the filtering.

2020-04-09 15_08_55-KNIME Analytics Platform

And here’s the flow variable configuration tab:

The idea here being that now my variable will be set to Gender, or Marital Status, or something else that makes sense to be filtered when it is equal to ‘M’:

Does that help?

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Thanks Scott, this is helping me a lot! I could solve my problem with your tips.



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