DB Row Filter (multiple values from flow variable inside loop)

Hi there

Is it possible to use a flow variable to pass a list of values to the DB Row Filter node and then collect the results into a single table?

I’ve read examples on this forum where a variable can be used to dynamically change the filter value, but no examples of looping.

The construct below is what I’m aiming for, but within the options for the DB Row Filter node there doesn’t appear to be anything to enable the value alone to be controlled by a flow variable

Thank you


I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish here.

What are you using the Empty Table Creator node to do? What is there for the Table Row to Variable Loop Start node to work with?

For a row filter to work, it needs to be supplied with a table. Where is the table you’d like to filter?

More specifically, if the DB Row Filter node isn’t connected to an upstream DB node, then it has nothing to filter. It needs a database table to work on:


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