DB Row Filter Node, Date filtering Error


I am trying to do some data manipulations on KNIME platform. I’m connected to a Teradata DB through a JDBC driver and I want to filter a table by date. But, I am receiving the following error DB Row Filter node. Here I attached screen shot showing my canvas and the teradata error I received from the process.

java.sql.SQLException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3535] [SQLState 22003] A character string failed conversion to a numeric value

Can you help me with this issue?

Hi @omzeybek

What is the type of your date column in the DB? What is the input format you are giving to the DB Row filter?

Hi @omzeybek,

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I could see from the above screen shot that the column that you are trying to filter seems to be of string datatype and i believe that the input format is not matching with the filter column, ideally both should be of same format and that will solve your problem.

If you still have any issues on this, please do share samples of column type and input format to help you further.

Though i have not worked on Teradata DB, the approach should be the same.

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Hi @ana_ved
Thank you for your answer. Both my data column in teradata db and the data I import to the KNIME are in date format. But in teradata I am filtering dates with the following sample syntax

DATE_OF_TRANSACTION = ‘01.01.2018’

DATE_OF_TRANSACTION = ‘01/01/2018’

is it possible that the code complied by KNIME differs from the samples above? Since I am not able to change the following date input box, could it be the problem

Hi omzeybek,

Thank you for your answer. This seems not to be possible with the current DB Row filter. I opened a ticket for this in the system.

Meanwhile, one of the possible solutions to the problem I could see it to use the SQL statements using the DB SQL executor node.

I hope this helps!


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