DB Table Creator cannot be opened for configuration - Output type mappings are missing for columns

I have a DB Table Creator that is not configurable in my workflow.
I had it connected downstream from a joiner and it worked fine.
I changed the joiner to a Concatenate node and now I can’t follow that with a DB Table Creator.
Everything else in the flow is the same.
The error message lists three fields, all of which are Strings upstream.
The detailed error is:
“Output type mappings are missing for columns:
Call Start Time (Non-Native [interface org.knime.core.data.DataValue, interace org.knime.core.data.StringValue]),…”

If i switch the node back to a Joiner it works again.

Hello @LB_Knime,

I’m guessing that Concatenate node joined (appended) 3 column (for which are are getting warning) that have same names but different column types. This resulted in Non-Native (and perhaps) other column types for which there is no mapping available and then you can not even open (configure) DB Table Creator. Column types can be inspected on second tab of table output view Spec - Columns:

There are multiple ways to deal with it (as always :slight_smile:). Either make sure to have same column types before concatenate or change it something normal after it.

Column Auto Type Cast is usually node used in these situations. See here for a bit more:


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Bingo! You guessed it, @ipazin.
It makes sense now that you’ve explained it. And I checked and do have different field types. (Not the easiest error message to decipher!)

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Glad to help @LB_Knime and you are totally right! Not an easy issue to figure out. But experience helps on this one :wink:

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