DB Table Selector - Error using a postgres db connection

I’ve setup a connection to a Redshift DB in AWS using the Postgres DB connector. It connects fine (at least there’s no errors). When I connect the DB Table Selector to it, it errors out with the following;

Error during fetching metadata from the database: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get schemas from database. Reason: ERROR: type “e” does not exist

Any thoughts?

Hey @msweetnam,

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Unfortunately there is a bug within PostGres on AWS Redshift. You will need to resolve this within PostGres/AWS itself.

Wali Khan

*edited RDS to Redshift

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have you tried the Amazon Redshift Connector node?

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No I didn’t realize it was in there… thanks for the heads up Tobias!


No problem. You are very welcome.
Whenever you are looking for something do a quick search on the KNIME Hub and most likely you will find the answer there including a nice example :slight_smile:

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