DB Table Selector - Type Mapping

Hello !

After some very enlighting moments with KNIME I am now struggling on this one :
DB Table Selector reads a column from DB with numbers as “string”.
I guess I could use “Input Type Mapping” in “Configure” and do a mapping by column name, but I do not know the original “Source Type” - “String” is not available.
Would anyone have a hint for this one?

Thanks so much in advance!

@JulesFS welcome to the KNIME community

Yould you use the DB Query Reader node and a SQL command like DESCRIBE or DESCRIBE EXTENDED to see what types the columns do have.

Also you could put a DB Query node in front of the download (? if that is what you want) and use a

CAST(<your variable> AS STRING) AS <your variable>
CAST(<your variable> AS DOUBLE) AS <your variable>

Maybe you could post a screenshot of your workflow to give us an idea what your are looking for.


Hello @JulesFS ,
you can also have a look at DB Spec tab of the DB data output port view e.g. of the DB Table Selector node. The DB Type and DB Type Name show the information that KNIME receives from the database and is using for the type mapping.


Alright, thank sounds good!

Thanks mlauber71 and Tobias !


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