DB Update node too slow

I also face a problem on DB Update.
For 110k rows, updating only values in 4 columns of a table with ~200 columns (the WHERE clause set on unique key.), It takes me like an 1 - 1.5 hour…

I am not sure how to make it faster…

Please see the recommendation here.


@izaychik63 originally question was asked in topic you linked but as new database integration is now used as opposed to one discussed in topic I have removed question to new topic. (And seems batch size is not an issue here).

@cyrusl0822 is where column indexed? (Don’t know if it is automatically indexed in case of unique key, probably is…). Also are column types on updated columns exactly there same? Remember updating db column type int and KNIME type was double and it was running really slow until I figured it and changed to to Int in KNIME. And last one, does writing to database executed in expected duration?


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Could you give us some more details. What kind of data base is it. How is it connected. How do other operations work. Is the key a number or a string?

Maybe you could post some screenshots from the configurations or even the workflow itself without giving away any secrets.

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What is the jdbc batch size set to? (with new DB nodes this should be OK by default, unless you changed it)

On top of that what columns are you updating? Is it number or short string or binary, possible “large” amounts of data? LOB columns (at least on oracle) are very slow.

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