DB Update node UpdateStatus -2

Hi everyone,

I have some trouble with the DB Update node.

I use KNIME Analytics platform version 4.2.2.

I want to update a row in an oracle database table if the row already exists, and if not, write it. My table contains varchar2, number and date type columns. The DB writer works as expected.

When it comes to the DB Update node, weither the row already exists or not, i always get “UpdateStatus : -2” and “UpdateError : ?”(missing).
Documentation says : “A value of -2 --indicates that the command was processed successfully but that the number of rows affected is unknown”. But if I check the content of my database after the node is executed, the update is not proceeded.
What does the -2 value really mean?

PS: the Database Update (legacy) nodes works as expected (UpdateStatus: 1, when the row already exists, the row is indeed updated; UpdateStatus: 0, when the row doesn’t exist and update is not done, DB Writer is required).

Hi @Meline_dng ,

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with the DB node.
Could you please test the same workflow with KNIME version 4.6.3?
Just in case: don’t worry, you don’t need to uninstall the current Analytics Platform. Please download a zip version from here and unzip it into a folder on your local machine. Then start KNIME from knime.exe and please try your workflow again.

I’m in the meantime double-checking with our developer if this was a known issue with version 4.2.2

Also, two more questions, were you using the DB migration tool to migrate from the legacy Database to the new DB nodes, or was it a manual migration?
Second: how are you checking whether the data has been updated, do you use KNIME nodes for this or do you check directly in the Oracle database?

Best regards,

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Hi Martyna,

Thank you for your reply.
To answer your questions, it was a manual migration (I actually built an equivalent pipe with the new nodes to compare both simultaneously).
I am checking the update with KNIME nodes as it worked fine with the usage of the legacy Database Update.

Using the 4.6.3 version of the latest nodes still output “UpdateStatus: -2”. Although this time the update is done. Unfortunately, I need to stay on version 4.2.2. And I still don’t understand why the “UpdateStatus: -2”.

Best regards,

Hi @Meline_dng

We are currently not able to reproduce the issue. Would it be possible to share a small dummy dataset that looks like yours? You can also share it within an example workflow.
Also, did you try to migrate the nodes using the migration tool?
You should see the following when you open the workflow with the legacy database nodes:

It would be enough to migrate the part you are having issues with and then see if the problem still persists.

In the meantime I will still try to reproduce it, if there is no success, let’s have a call and look into this together.

Best regards,

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