DB Writer for Chinese Characters into MariaDB


Hi, I am trying to use DB Writer to load an excel with chinese characters into MariaDB. I can see the chinese characters when I preview it with Excel Reader but when I use the DB Writer to load it into the MariaDB, it shows ??? In the DB. I did not use the MariaDB driver since I was able to connect to the MariaDB using MySql connector. Any help greatly appreciated


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Hi @wxchoy,

did you check if MariaDB provides storing chinese characters and how the database has to be configured to work with it? Are the characters in UTF format?

I would also try to use the own MariaDB driver, maybe it provides extra/different functionalities.



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Yes. MariaDB provide storing chinese characters and I was able to load chinese characters with python script. However DB Writer in KNIME just couldn’t write chinese characters into MariaDB.