DB Writer (Legacy) Error Code 1338 Writing Table

Version 4.2 installed. DB Writer generates the error (Drop Table not supported by language -Teradata) so using old DB Writer (Legacy).

DB Writer (Legacy) generates error in console view - ERROR Database Writer (legacy) 0:59 Execute failed: java.lang.Exception: Error while adding rows #-1606 - #394, reason: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1338] [SQLState HY000] A failure occurred while executing a PreparedStatement batch request. Details of the failure can be found in the exception chain that is accessible with getNextException.

The batch size is set to 1 in the DB Writer (Legacy) node. The database has over 100GB free space.

The actual DB Writer (Legacy) node in the workflow shows no error.

The error only appears in the console view window.

The table being loaded does in fact load correctly.

Why the error in just the console view?

Can you check whether it writes the complete table? Or is it always failing for a specific row? If so, can you check whether datatype is valid?

The complete table is being written

Hello @db7494,

in DB Connector node there is option under Advanced tab to specify if DROP TABLE statement is part of language. If you enable does the DB Writer works as expected?


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