DB writer node unable to load XML data in table

I am reading XML file using XML reader node and parsing few attributes of root note. My intention is to store xml as is in MariaDB master table in case required for easy reference. I am using DB writer node to write parsed attributes and xml source into database table.

However I observed that table has blank value in xml column. I am using blob data type for table column as XML is too long. I tried with text data type also but getting error in Knime saying data too long. Please advice

Please see configuration of DB writer below:

Dear all, please let me know if you need any more information on the problem. Just wanted to bring this question up again as there is no response yet.

@armingrudd Armin, would you know about this also by any chance? Thanks :smiley:

Hi @ddnyaneshwar,

Does converting the column to string before passing it to the DB Writer solve the problem?
To do that, use a String Manipulation node with this expression and replace the XML column:



It worked. Thanks Armin!! :slight_smile:


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