DB Writer Not Running during Execute All

For some reason, my “db writer” node is not running when I run execute all on my workflow. If I go in and run it manually, it runs fine. It is shown here in a metanode, which is part of a much larger workflow:

Hi @davidbaker,

So, when you execute all, all the nodes inside the metanode are executed except the DB writer which stay in “yellow” state (ready to execute)?

If you switch to classic, do you see any warning/error messages in the console?


@davidbaker have you tried to initiate the SQL Server Connection right before you actually need it using Flow Variables. Is it possible this connection is set at the start and then times out at the moment where the write operation is set to begin?


Thank you @mlauber71 for the suggestion. I suspect you are on the right track. I ended up moving this metanode to a different location in the workflow, and it worked without a hitch, so it does seem to be timing related.

Thank you @armingrudd for the idea. I didn’t even know that was an option. I’ve resolved the issue by moving the metanode to another location in my workflow, but next time I’ll try classic mode.

@davidbaker glad it worked out. You might want to control the flow with flow variables:



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