DB Writer - string data right truncation

Hi, I am using DB Writer to load data from Excel into MS Access but keep encountering the error "data exception: string data, right truncation; table: column: .

I tried changing the variable from string to Longvarchar but still same error. Anyone can help please?

Maybe the database field is to small for the excel field?

I agree with @karlfloh, seems the incoming field maybe too long for the destination field.

Can you share more details on the inbound field type and length, also the schema of the table you are trying to load?

Thanks for the advice. I managed to resolve it by changing the length of the field at the database. But now I am encountering other issue.

I can view the chinese characters when I use Excel Reader but I can’t use DB Writer to load chinese characters into MariaDB. After I execute DB Writer, it shows ??? In the DB. Any can help? Much appreciated.

For Chinese characters follow this topic: DB Writer for Chinese Characters into MariaDB