De-Duplicate Table From Reversed Columns

A have a table with a pair of columns.  I need remove the rows where the combined column 1 and column 2 is already in the table with column 2 and column 1.  Easier to explain by example.  Say this is the table:


ITEM-A          ITEM-1

ITEM-B         ITEM-2

ITEM-1          ITEM-A

I would like to remove the third line in the table (ITEM-1, ITEM-A) because that combination of values is already in the table in line 1 - just reversed order.  I've been trying to work out a process using a column rename and SET operations and trying to figure out a way to use the loop process but no luck so far.

Any ideas how to do something like this?



you need first a Column aggregators and built a Sorted List on those two columns.

In the second step use a groupby on the newly built  Sorted List column to only have the unique ones.

Cheers, Iris 

I love working with clever people.  Tested that and it did the trick.  Exactly what I needed.  Thank you!!!!