Dealing with an csv-ish API response - help please! :)


Hi All

I’m relatively new with Knime and found great help so far by listening and reading all the helpful replies to all kinds of subjects. I now find my self in a situation where I can’t seem to find a thread that touch base on exactly my issue - so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m calling an API via the GET request, but there is unfortunately a restriction in the API that only allow the response to appear in an CSV-ish kind of format. I have attached a workflow with my output.

I now really want to extract my data and end up with the following:

Column1 Column2 Column3
KW Metric 1 Metric 2
KW Metric 1 Metric 2

All the best

KNIME_project2.knar.knwf (8.0 KB)


Hi @alaegs,

The solution for your problem is a bit complex:

Please find attached the workflow.

ParseGetResults.knar.knwf (25.4 KB)


Thank you very much for your response! It does make a lot of sense - really appreaciate it.

When I try to execute the workflow, I get the following error in the loop end node.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @alaegs,

I’ve corrected the workflow:


ParseGetResults.knar.knwf (25.4 KB)


Hi @amartin

Thank you so much! However, when I download the workflow, it appears to be the same you posted earlier on. Can you try to upload again? :slight_smile:

All the best


Ah, I fixed it according to your screenshot. Again thank you very much. Extremely helpful!


Hi @alaegs,

Oh, I am sorry. Hopefully the last try :slight_smile:

ParseGetResults.knar.knwf (25.1 KB)


Thanks! Works like a charm! :slight_smile:


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