Dealing with Monthly and quarterly datas

Hello everyone,

I need to deal with Monthly and Quarterly datas. You can see the type in the screenshot below :

I would like my quarterly data to be based on my monthly data. That is to say, I want my data to follow one another without having a break.
For example, quarterly data should follow monthly data by indicating missing values until the next quarterly value without creating a break in my table.

Hoping that you have understood what my problem is

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Hello PatF,

not sure whether I understand your challenge correctly.
But what about the Sorter node.

Does this solve your problem?

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Hi Knimediger,

It was the perfect solution for my question. Hoever, now, I need to fulfill the empty cells with a linear regression. Which node should I use ?

Thanks in advance

Hi there @PatFr,

looking for Missing Value node?


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