Debug a workflow, which failed while running on the KNIME Server

Hey folks,

yesterday I was running a workflow, which failed while reading one of 21k+ XML files. Since the XML Reader node is executed within a loop, the error message is not very useful (please see the attached file).

Executing the same workflow locally would give me the chance to determine the exact file, which led to the error, because I can inspect each node's workflow variables...

Is there a similar solution I have overlooked so far?


I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for. Of course you can run the workflow locally, just download and execute it. You can also save the (failed) workflow job as a workflow locally and inspect its state. Or you have a look into the log file of the KNIME instance running on the server.

When you're logged into the KNIME server from your local KNIME GUI, you can right-click on the failed workflow execution, which are stored underneath the actual workflow that you uploaded to the server. You can save the failed execution as an actual workflow (right-click on it), which allows you to move to the local KNIME workflow repository and then you can see where it failed in more detail.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your help! I will try this next time the workflow fails.