Debugging Database Writer

I have a KNIME workflow that eventually writes out to the database. I’ve run this successfully before, so I know it’s working. I’ve run this particular dataset before so I know it’s sound.

However, I have new data that seems to be causing an issue with Database Writer. When I hover over the X, it’s giving me an Underflow error. I suspect this is some kind of badly formatted number, but all I can see is the name of the java exception, not the row/cell it’s having trouble with. Or, well, ANYTHING else.

Is there a way to see more than just the 1 error message for the Database Writer node?

Hi there!

After execution you get an error in console or somewhere else?


I am getting a red X over the Database Writer node. I see the error message when I hover over the node.


Try making sure that the Console view is open (View → Console) and changing the console log level to DEBUG (Preferences → KNIME → KNIME GUI) and then execute the failing node again. Is there anything more informative in the Console?