Decision Tree Control

Hi guys,

My problem is as follows - I've built a decision tree which nicely attributes some probabilities to my data by adding additional column. The question is is it possible to somehow add additional information to each row so it can be later seen why it was attributed to a given tree node. Say I' ve got a following observation:

ID             Newsletter            Black List                Client

1111           1                              1                           1 

2222            0                              1                          0              


The tree forecasts the value of client (1=yes, 0 = no) by attributing explanatory variables to subsequent nodes. How can I recover the order of node attribution for each row? I desire to have an automatically printout so I can say later on : this client is 1 because he is on the blacklist and he has a newletter (all based on tree's attributes). I assume it cannot be done in Knime? Maybe the results should be exported to R and if so what should be done next?

I hope my problem has been stated clearly :) Such a solution would make reporting much much easier