Decision tree: Only binary variables (0;1) but splits between 0 and 1

Hey there,

I have a decision-tree with splits between 0 and 1 but my variables only have the characterisitics 0 and 1. 

Bsp: mother-node: variable x --> daughter- node: variable x <=0,5 or > 0,5--> daughter- node: variable x <= 0,25 or > 0,25 usw.

How is that possible and how could I change settings to make the deciontree only split with 0 and 1?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Quinoa (healthy name ;))

this is because the 0,1 are treated as number. You can use the Number to String node before hand on this column, than only the values 0,1 will be considered.

Cheers, Iris

Thank you Iris (beautiful name ;)),

It works!