Decision Tree to Image node error on NullPointerException

I imported some decision rules from SAP HANA PAL using the PMML Reader Node.  I connected it to ‘Decision Tree to Image’ node and now I am having a fatal execution error.

ERROR Decision Tree To Image              Execute failed: ("NullPointerException"): null

The decision tree rules should contain no null values, so how could this particular error message apply? Troubleshooting thus far:

  • - Modifying the configuration settings.  For example I tried alternating use of the NODE DISPLAY options (chart, table), but no benefit there.
  • - Searching the forum using the error message as search term… I am unable to find any related and actionable information.
  • - Examining the knime.log file, but it’s a bit beyond me… I have a lot of programming experience but not in Java.

I include zip file that contains the workflow folder [KNIME_tree_temp1], which includes the PMML input file that contains the decision rules [DT-temp - Copy (2).pmml].  Does anyone have a suggestion?

I am sorry, I also did not found a workaround. I suppose SAP HANA supports an Decision Tree Option with its PMML which the Decision Tree to Image node currently is not aware of.

I forwarded it to our bugtracking system and will keep you posted as soon as there are any news.

Best, Iris


we just fixed this Bug with our newest Release 2.12.1

Best, Iris