Decision tree view (simple)

 I wonder what (w=...) means in the decision tree view (simple).

I also saw pictures with something like (435 of 851). How can you configure what is shown, i.e. 'w=...' or 'x of y'?

Hi pbruynel,

The "x of y" in the simple decision tree view is from the Decision Tree Learner node, while "w" is shown in the Decision Tree Predictor. Therefore, you can't choose which is shown, each one is specific to either the learner or the predictor node.

The "x of y" tells you the total number of rows that were considered at a specific split during training (y) and the number of rows that were selected into a specifc branch (x).

Similarly, the "w" from the predictor node tells you how many rows from your test data were selected at the different split points.