Decision tree

Hi everyone. I have a workflow that i need to export the decision tree view to html, so the user can expand the nodes. I don't know how to do this.



Not super easy, but you can save the model to a file using the PMML Writer node, then follow the indications in this blog post:

To read in the file and display it as a decision tree within your browser using D3.js.


Thanks a lot for you answer!

There isn't an easier way to visualize the tree? 

I saw from your workflow that you already converted the decision tree to an image. That image can be saved and displayed within a HTML page, but it won't be interactive.

If you want something fancier and possibly interactive, then you need to go through a JavaScript library.

I also found this reference which looks interesting:

It claims to be able to render to HTML / D3.js any PMML decision tree.


Check my repo for commandline nodejs application which can convert a PMML file to HTML based decision tree.