DecisionTree to RuleSet: Record count has decimal digits

Dear Knimler,
when using the ‘Decision Tree to Ruleset’ node it can occur, that the 'Record Count’and ‘Number of Correct’ columns deliver numbers having non-zero decimal digits e.g. ‘1039.4593550007653’, which is quite strange for a count or nr-of variable. Checking the PMML output of the DT node I realized, that this observations starts at a specific level of the tree. (see NodeIds=38 in attached image).
I`m a bit concerned if I can trust these figures which I would like to use for explaining the model.

I’m using KNIME 3.6.1 on Win10. You can simply reconstrict this behavior on the basis of your example ‘04_Exporting_a_Decision_Tree_as_Image’ by adding a ‘Decision Tree to Ruleset’ node the the DT learner node


Did you know the answer to your post ? I meet the same thing

See here: DecisionTree plot: Record count has decimal digits